Royal Secret is a beauty salon based in Munich/Germany.
the client wanted a full service (logo, brand identity, promo materials, posters, invitations, website).
This project was done with a group of people, each did a part to complete the visual identity.  
The name was inspired by the service he is providing, his pricing method is having 3 packages, Silver, Gold and Diamond, and his interior design is high quality we deiced the name to be Royal Secret.
The concept of this salon is based on the cool and warm colors of the skin's undertone, and it was requested by the client and we reflect this touch on the color sliver and gold in the identity.
The color blue is the color of the royalty and again it gives the feeling of high end service.
The Team:
Mandan Issa: logo design, application of the design.
Kat Sotnikova: Identity elements & material design.
Miroslav Novotny: Pattern design.
Maria Sempekova: Website design.
Sarka Samcova: Social media manager.

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